Keyword “list” packages
lib-x/xstrA simple public domain string libraryString manipulationUnlicense
yrmt/arraylistdoubly linked list based on BSD TAILQData structureMIT
clibs/listsimple doubly linked listData structureMIT
troydhanson/uthashC macros for hash tables and moreData structureUnlicensed
willemt/farraylistAn arraylist that doesn't shift items so you can have "holes" between slotsData structureBSD
ajaymt/list.cSimple linked listData structureMIT
clehner/ll.cTransparent linked listsData structureLGPL-3.0+
kellydunn/libkldPersonal implementations of common datastructures. (List, Vector, Graph, Matrix, Tree, etc)Data structureUnlicensed
neylsongularte/simple-linked-list-cLinked list implementationData structureUnlicensed
arablocks/flat-tree.cA series of functions to map a binary tree to a list ported from flat-tree.Data structureMIT