Keyword “color” packages
clibs/rgbargba color string parserUtilitiesMIT
constellation/console-colors.cWrite formatted string to console with colorsUtilitiesBSD
gioyik/color-shDisplay colors on your terminalUtilitiesMIT
gioyik/c_printfColor C lib for printfUtilitiesMIT
gioyik/slim_colorUltra simple C lib to output colorUtilitiesMIT
daddinuz/libloggerDEPRECATED A logging library written in ANSI CUtilitiesMIT
ararslan/termcolor-cHeader-only ANSI C library for colored text outputUtilities2-Clause BSD
bonedaddy/ulogLightweight and threadsafe logger with color coded text and optional file loggingUtilitiesagpl-v3
mattn/ansicolor-w32.cANSI color support on windowsOS SpecificMIT