Keyword “c” packages
gioyik/buffer-libcBuffer C libString manipulationMIT
madmurphy/libconfiniYet another INI parserUtilitiesGPL-3.0-or-later
orangeduck/luaautocAutomagically use C Functions and Structs with the Lua APIUtilitiesBSD
gioyik/c_printfColor C lib for printfUtilitiesMIT
gioyik/slim_colorUltra simple C lib to output colorUtilitiesMIT
isty001/mem-poolDynamic memory pool implementation, for reusable fixed, or variable sized memory blocks, using pthread mutex locksUtilitiesMIT
gioyik/mapcC lib for mappingData structureMIT
orangeduck/mpcParser Combinator Library for CParsingBSD
madmurphy/zen.hC preprocessor utilitiesPreprocessor macrosGPL-3.0
guillermocalvo/exceptions4cAn exception handling framework for CProgram flowLGPL
orangeduck/ptestDRY Microtesting for CTesting/Quality AssuranceBSD