Category “Utilities” packages
clibs/rgbargba color string parserMIT
clibs/unlikelygcc branch prediction macrosMIT
aperezdc/cflagNon-allocating command line flag parserMIT
clibs/commanderexpressive argument parserMIT
clibs/flagGo style flag parsingMIT
clibs/msmillisecond parser / formatter utilMIT
clibs/bytesbyte-length parser / formatter utilMIT
clibs/termterminal utilitiesMIT
clibs/inihINI parserBSD
jb55/rotate-bits.hbitwise rotationsPublic Domain
jwerle/url.hParse URLs in C much like Node's url module.MIT
doches/progressbarA library for displaying command-line progress barsBSD
jwerle/progress.hProgress display lib for cMIT
jwerle/repl.hCreate a repl with eval/print/error hooks with given stdin, stdout, and stderr streamsMIT
jwerle/getch.cgetch() implementationMIT
jwerle/usleep.husleep implementation using poll() or select()MIT
jwerle/libbaconA C implementation of the Baconian Cipher ! BACONMIT
jwerle/libbeaufortA C implementation of the Beaufort CipherMIT
madmurphy/libconfiniYet another INI parserGPL-3.0-or-later
stephenmathieson/is-email.cLoosely validate an email addressMIT
thlorenz/gumbo-parser.cHTML5 parserApache License, Version 2.0
thlorenz/log.hMinimal yet colorful logging libMIT
sciascid/treeconvenient wrapper around BSD sys/tree.h.BSD
clehner/chainsMarkov chainsMIT
constellation/console-colors.cWrite formatted string to console with colorsBSD
stephenmathieson/expand-braces.cSimple shell-like brace expansionUnlicensed
stephenmathieson/wiki-registry.cTurn a GitHub wiki page into a package registryMIT
xythobuz/serialPOSIX serial port interface with optional flow control support.MIT
clibs/mt19937arMersenne Twister random number generatorBSD style
willemt/config-reData structure allows your program to be configuredBSD
brendanashworth/genpassword.cRandom password generating libraryMIT
clibs/dumpasn1Displays contents of ASN.1 encoded dataUnlicensed
orangeduck/luaautocAutomagically use C Functions and Structs with the Lua APIBSD
gioyik/color-shDisplay colors on your terminalMIT
gioyik/c_printfColor C lib for printfMIT
gioyik/slim_colorUltra simple C lib to output colorMIT
nsf/termboxPowerful but simple library for writing text-based user interfacesMIT
noporpoise/sort_rPortable re-entrant qsort (qsort_r / qsort_s)PD
kdmurray91/cloggedConfigurable and pretty logging libraryMIT
isty001/mem-poolDynamic memory pool implementation, for reusable fixed, or variable sized memory blocks, using pthread mutex locksMIT
alebcay/metricMacros for converting between metric and customary unitsPublic Domain
isty001/dotenv-c.env loader for CMIT
daddinuz/libloggerDEPRECATED A logging library written in ANSI CMIT
daddinuz/loggerA logging library written in C99MIT
ararslan/termcolor-cHeader-only ANSI C library for colored text output2-Clause BSD
daddinuz/arenaRegion based, expandable, memory allocatorMIT
abranhe/mergesort.cMerge sort algorithm implementationMIT
bonedaddy/ulogLightweight and threadsafe logger with color coded text and optional file loggingagpl-v3
aperezdc/clogSimple logger which does not allocate memory and can be configured at runtime using environment variables.MIT
clibs/linenoiseA minimal, zero-config, BSD licensed, readline replacement used in Redis, MongoDB, and Android.BSD