Category “String manipulation” packages
clibs/buffertiny c-string libraryMIT
nami-doc/trim.ctrim a string, in placeMIT
nami-doc/strlen.cget a string's lengthMIT
jwerle/strsplit.hSplit a string into a char array by a given delimiterMIT
jwerle/chfreq.cCompute character frequency in a stringMIT
hkjels/slug.cCreate slug from a given string.MIT
stephenmathieson/case.cstring case conversionMIT
stephenmathieson/occurrences.cCount occurrences in a stringMIT
stephenmathieson/path-join.cjoin a pathMIT
stephenmathieson/path-normalize.cnormalize a pathMIT
jb55/extname.cget the extension of a file from a pathMIT
stephenmathieson/rot13.cSimple ROT13MIT
stephenmathieson/str-ends-with.cCheck if a string ends with another stringMIT
stephenmathieson/str-flatten.cFlatten a char arrayMIT
stephenmathieson/str-replace.cstring replacementMIT
stephenmathieson/str-starts-with.cCheck if a string starts with another stringMIT
stephenmathieson/substr.cGet a substring of a stringMIT
stephenmathieson/trim.cstring trim with left and right supportMIT
dhobsd/vstringA simple string building API for CUnlicensed
chrisdew/sdsAntirez's Simple Dynamic Strings libraryBSD
michaelrhodes/path-basename.cFind the last portion of a path. Similar to Node’s path.basename method.MIT
clibs/wildcardcmpSimple wildcard string comparison for CMIT
littlstar/asprintf.casprintf() implementationUnlicensed
clibs/strndupSafe implementation of strnduppublic domain
clibs/strdupSafe implementation of strdupExpat
tingping/ustringUtils for safely handling utf8 strings.MIT
wooorm/stmr.cPorter Stemmer algorithmMIT
gioyik/buffer-libcBuffer C libMIT
littlstar/trim.ccC++ std::string trim utilMIT
wooorm/levenshtein.cLevenshtein’s string edit distance algorithmMIT
lib-x/xstrA simple public domain string libraryUnlicense
aperezdc/dbufResizable data buffer.MIT