Category “Parsing” packages
clibs/logfmtfast logfmt parser.MIT
clibs/jsmnJSON parser.MIT
orangeduck/mpcParser Combinator Library for CBSD
willemt/torrent-readerRead torrent filesBSD
mbucc/js0nParse JSON.Public domain
jb55/field-range-parser.cParse field ranges (like cut)MIT
jb55/querystring.cQuerystring parserUnlicensed
jb55/is_number.cTest a string to see if it is a numberMIT
brendanashworth/http-parserhttp request/response parser for cMIT
h2non/semver.cSemver 2.0 parser and render written in ANSI CMIT
kgabis/parsonLightweight JSON library written in C.MIT
rikvdh/matchingString-based parser based on matching strings for interpreting and handling string-based interfaces.MIT