Category “Net” packages
aisk/libaeAsync event loop library extract from from redisUnlicensed
jb55/anet.cBasic TCP socket stuff made a bit less boringUnlicensed
willemt/raftC implementation of the Raft consensus protocolUnlicensed
willemt/tracker-clientConnect to a bittorrent trackerBSD
willemt/pwpA Bittorrent peer wire protocol implementationBSD
willemt/yabtorrentCross platform Bittorrent libraryBSD
clibs/ampAbstract Message Protocol C implementationMIT
littlstar/request.cclibcurl-backed HTTP request library for C++Unlicensed
daddinuz/httpHttp requests made easierMIT
aperezdc/netdialUtility library to simplify socket setup codeMIT
clibs/http-get.cSimple HTTP GET requests backed by libcurlMIT