Category “Libraries” packages
clibs/uvCross-platform asychronous I/OUnlicensed
clibs/leveldbLevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string valuesUnlicensed
clibs/ckConcurrency primitives, safe memory reclamation mechanisms and non-blocking data structures designed to aid in the research, design and implementation of high performance concurrent systems.Unlicensed
beltex/libsmcApple System Management Controller (SMC) APIGPLv2.0
brendanashworth/r3high-performance path dispatching library for the webMIT
qute/quteAST generation libraryUnlicensed
clibs/sophiamodern embeddable key-value databaseMIT
daddinuz/optionMimic Rust's Option typeMIT
jwerle/libnanoresourceA C99 library for creating tiny async resources.MIT
jwerle/libramA C99 library for creating random access memory interfaces.Unlicensed
jwerle/librasA C99 library for creating random access storage interfaces.Unlicensed
jwerle/libalrulibalru is a library for creating really fast numeric based LRU caches that leverage an optimized CRC-16-CCITT ported over from @mafintosh's array-lru.Unlicensed
andrerenaud/pdfgenA minimalistic C99 library for creating PDF document.UNLICENSE