Category “Filesystem” packages
jwerle/fs.cFile system API much like Node's fs moduleMIT
stephenmathieson/mkdirp.cmkdir -pMIT
stephenmathieson/rimraf.crm -rfMIT
willemt/file2strreads a file and returns contents as a stringpublic domain
willemt/stubfilefor managing the creation of files where the content of the files will be written to randomlyBSD
stephenmathieson/tempdir.cAn implementation of Python's tempfile.tempdir algorithmUnlicensed
willemt/pidfileCreate a pidfileBSD
cxong/tinydirLightweight, portable and easy to integrate C directory and file readerBSD-2-Clause
isty001/copyCopies files, directories recursivelyMIT
clibs/whichLocate executable via $PATH or given stringMIT