Category “Executables” packages
visionmedia/watchperiodically execute commandsMIT
visionmedia/monsimple process monitoringMIT
visionmedia/histodisplay histograms from static or streaming inputMIT
jb55/extnameget file extensions from argumentsMIT
jb55/sampSample input given some probabilityMIT
jb55/pidpathGet the executable path from a pid on OSXMIT
sphia/sphiaCommand line utility for operations on a sophia databaseMIT
stephenmathieson/tabs-to-spacesconvert tabs to spaces in filesMIT
stephenmathieson/sophia-replREPL for Sophia databasesUnlicensed
hij1nx/ldbA c++ repl for leveldbMIT
tomerdmnt/levelfsleveldb FUSE filesystemMIT
lavoiesl/osx-cpu-tempOutputs current CPU temperature in °C for OSXUnlicensed
clibs/entrA utility for running arbitrary commands when files changeUnlicensed
stephenmathieson/ghiless opinionated clib-install for non clib-enabled reposMIT
jwerle/suriSet and get application URI schemes for OS XUnlicensed
wooorm/stmrPorter Stemmer CLIMIT
andik/makeheadersmake headers from .c source filesBSD
wooorm/levenshteinLevenshtein’s string edit distance algorithm CLIMIT
nilsding/cnscC No Scope Commits: Angular commits minus scope and stuffMIT
glisy/glisy-earthGlisy example rendering glsl-earth and using glsl-fog for fade in effects.Unlicensed
glisy/glsl-checker-blurGlisy example using glsl-hash-blur and glsl-check from stack.glUnlicensed