Category “Encoding/Decoding” packages
clibs/rleRun-length encodingMIT
clibs/snappySnappy codecMIT
littlstar/uri.cURI Component encoder/decoderUnlicensed
mbucc/chtmlescapeHTML escape the characters '<', '>', '&', and '"'ISC
littlstar/b64.cBase64 encode/decodeUnlicensed
jwerle/libutf8A whatwg compliant UTF8 encoding and decoding libraryMIT
willemt/bitstreamLet me write out bits to a streamBSD
willemt/feFlip the endianess of integersMIT
mikepb/endian.hPortable endian conversion functions for CPD
lemire/simdcompA simple C library for compressing lists of integersBSD-3-Clause
pepaslabs/hexify.cConvert binary data into a hexidecimal stringMIT
aperezdc/ulid-cCreate and encode ULIDs, Universal Lexicographically-sortable Identifiers.MIT
adricoin2010/utf8-iteratorMinimalist UTF8 Iterator for C and C++.MIT
jwerle/libsleepfileA C99 library for interacting with SLEEP file storage.Unlicensed